Written & Filmed by Rylan Kappler

The weekend warrior life is not easy. The anticipation and waiting game we play from Sunday night to Friday night does not seem to get easier the older we get, all starting in the young ages of elementary school, up until our last day of work, retirement.

rylan on Priors

Since day one of my school/work life I’ve been waiting for those days where maybe your parents will call in sick for you on a powder day or maybe one day miraculously I won’t have to work the next day or the boss is feeling like we need a half a day off and says “hey! Grab your gear lets go for a rip and get some powder on our faces instead of this sawdust.” Those days seem to be the best days ever, but are quite rare.

rylan hitting pillows!

We all have different ways to cope with Weekend Warrior Syndrome (WWS). Some people watch there shred pornographic films and dream about their next pillow to smash or their next spine to slash. Knitting and puzzles are also a great way to ease the mind, But my favourite and most exhilarating is to just get out and DO IT! Invest in a great head lamp and giver’. There is nothing more pure and fresh than going for a skin after a long hard day’s work, clears your mind from the nails you pounded that day or relieves your buttocks from that office chair you’ve been glued to all day, and it is ultimately the best cure for WWS.

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