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Here’s my story, I have a unique story because my circumstances are different, I have so much time on my hands to do whatever I want to with my life! This town I live in, Revelstoke BC provides so many opportunities for me to take hold of, I prefer to seek out an athletic career though, and will do whatever it takes.

Action shot Alex Bell
Alex In Action Today

When I was 3.5 years old my parents made this great decision to move somewhere in the mountains, At that point they hadn’t decided where they wanted to go but the possibilities were endless! Eventually, after looking at places such as Whistler, Fernie and Pemberton, they decided Revelstoke was the prime choice; small hill, beautiful lakes & rivers, and best of all the people here were welcoming! On August 31, 2001 Me and my dad James Bell left Calgary, AB for our adventure to Revelstoke. At the time I was unable to ski, But my parents made sure to get skis on my feet as soon as snow was available.

We made it here after a 6 hour journey of eating Doritos & telling jokes, and my expression was blank, I had nothing to say about the vast mountain ranges that surrounded me. After a long time of driving around looking for our destination we found our new house. Little did we know that this place would become a home to us like it has.

I started skiing as soon as the snow came that year, It was a rough time for my parents teaching me how to ski..I was a fighter I would freak out & yell, until one day my parents just said “okay go” hearing this I got even more angry, & completely lost my cool.

alex_kid (195x300)
Little Kid Alex!

After this peak of anger my skiing was improving fast, By age 4 I was able to ski without assistance down blue runs, sure I would crash but I’d get right back up and keep going. My skiing progressed until I was able to ski alone, about age 5, after that I kind of lost interest in the sport & only skied for something to do in the winter. At about age 10 I started gaining interest in the sport once again, but this time it was no ordinary sport for me anymore. I fell in love with going fast, hitting jumps and having a great time in the powder. At around the same time the new resort was being built, I was enticed by what I heard about the terrain I would be able to access and decided that I should try and get good at the sport. I slowly progressed until age 14 when I had a dream about going somewhere with the sport so decided that was the year to start slayin’. I threw down my first backflips that season, followed by a few off axis flips that were rarely landed, I was STOKED! That year was a 10/10 for me & it sparked the flame that is driving me forward today.

I am currently 17 & have been steadily progressing. My passion for the sport is what drives me and so have my focus set on going somewhere & being known for doing what I love doing best, Skiing.

alex Bell eagle
Alex Pulling An Eagle In Front Of The 2014 FSS Sponsored Team

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  1. Alex, I really enjoy watching you through your proud Dad’s posts. Even though we are distant in time and space we are proud of you.

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