Now that our littlest monkey is big enough, we’ve dug through our piles of gear to find our trusty Little Life kiddie carrier.We have managed a few short bursts of hiking with him this year, but miss the long peaceful soul feeding hikes we used to do.

So with that in mind (soul feeding that is) and big brother otherwise occupied, we did a sneak hike on Mount Revelstoke yesterday. Ahhhh bliss, flowers, fresh air, great views and quiet! James looked less like a little monkey up there in the pack, more like someone riding a camel with style and grace. The sun shade and bug spray on us and the pack kept the mosquitoes and persistent horse flies from ruining anyone’s day. In fact they seemed to respect James’ beginner hiking status and left him alone completely. Thanks forest insects!

Elmer asked numerous times if James was ok up there, in which the reply was usually ‘yes, he’s looking at the flowers, trees and bees’ or ‘yep, fine, he’s fast asleep’, or ‘yeah can’t you hear him chattering to….? who i don’t know’.

We hiked in about 3km then back again. Enough to satisfy our hiking needs and not break the camel’s (Elmer’s) back as we are a little out of practice at being Sherpa’s. I got my hiking fix, Elmer got some extra exercise and most importantly James got his introduction to the wonderful Alpine flowers we are so lucky to experience every year.

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