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Rogers Pass Guide- Douglas Sproul

Guidebook- Rogers Pass By Douglas Sproul: 2nd Edition


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The best $45 you’ll ever spend on getting to know the Rogers Pass area in winter on skis or a board!
Douglas is known locally as the guru on every line, bootpack and bushwhack in the Rogers Pass area of British Columbia. He has spent years researching this book.

Filled with details of approaches, lines, hazards, backcountry accommodation and more in Glacier National Park. There is also a trip friendly waterproof map also available for purchase which accompanies the book.

Title: Rogers Pass: Uptracks, Bootpacks & Bushwhacks
Author: Douglas Sproul
Publisher: Uptrack Publishing, Revelstoke, BC
Edition: 2nd (2016)
ISBN: 978-0-9937695-3-5


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