Danny is another one our true original athletes, as he too was one of the first members of the FSS team when it started. It’s been a real treat to see Danny showcase and excel in his boarding talent, pushing his limits each year. He has now been picked up as an ambassador for Prior Snowboards, which we’ve also sold in the shop for years, so you’ll be seeing even more of Danny out there!

In his own words:
I was born and raised in the flatlands of Regina, Saskatchewan. I started snowboarding at 13 years old, riding at a tiny hill called Mission Ridge, making the trek to BC to ride mountains whenever I could. My first backcountry experience was when I was 17 and my dad took me on a snowmobiling trip to Revelstoke. I moved to Big White after high school, where I learned how to hit big jumps and ride powder. I then moved to Fernie where I went to adventure tourism school and became obsessed with riding backcountry.

I made the move to Revelstoke over 6 years ago in pursuit of bigger mountains with deeper snowpacks, and I haven’t looked back. There are so many places to explore in the area, whether it’s up at the ski hill, snowmobile access, or splitboarding, I’m always finding new terrain to ride. This place has everything I could ever want, with so many amazing people that are always down to go build a big jump or jump off some cliffs!

I’ve been riding for FSS since they started their team and it’s been a great experience. They’ve made it possible for me to get where I am today in snowboarding and I am forever grateful!

When I’m not snowboarding, I enjoy photography, climbing, biking, whitewater rafting and kayaking. Revelstoke just happens to be the perfect place for all of these things!
(Photo Credit: Eric Poulin)

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