By Alex Bell (Photo Credits: Johnny Antoniuk)
So, my humble photographer Johnny and I took a trip to one of the old mining towns in BC to get some shots of the ghost town and to scope potential spots for next year. During the time there we found so many amazing features that require only more snow in that area. As a whole the trip proved more to be an adventure to pick spots for when the snow was in greater volume. Although it was mainly a scouting trip we had some pretty epic moments skiing some urban features there and another old mining settlement nearby.


We packed up our gear and left for a two day adventure into the forest of BC. Among our crew were some snowboarders and my buddy Curtis. Bright and early in the morning we packed up Johnny’s trusty old Ford and started our adventure! The experience of being out in the wild without cell phone coverage was amazing and one I will never forget. I plan on making my way back to this area with that same crew of people to find more snow and acquire more awesome shots.


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