By Jude Westoby.

When you live in a place that has distinct seasons, and a very obvious change between them, you sometimes find yourself at a loss of what to do in the middle… it’s usually wet, especially when living in a rainforest environment, surrounded by huge mountains! (In the UK we have varying degrees of wet weather, from damp to torrential, and everything in between… occasionally we get a hot day, and it looks like the country is populated by baboons, hanging with there arses out…) So this year, I’m determined to avoid being bummed out by the weather, and get on and enjoy what Revelstoke has to offer, come rain or shine!

Getting ready for Paddleboard fun!

You may remember reading a few months back, about FSS Winter Team rider, Genevieve King, who broke her femur on one of the most amazing pow days of the year… Well, my pal “G” has been working hard on her recovery ever since, and has been so determined to heal that she’s well on her way to having a fun summer playing with the big boys…and girls! The best thing about G is that she hasn’t been focusing any of her energy on negative thoughts and attitudes, throughout the entire ordeal she has kept her beautiful smile beaming and her questionable sense of humour at an all time high… This makes hanging out with her super easy and fun, and why when we took out a couple of the FSS stand up paddle-boards up to Williamson Lake, we had an amazing day.

The weather was all grizzly, and I think we’d had a pretty late night the night before… I’d been dragged on a long trail run that morning, and was feeling a little peaky, but as soon as we hit the water, everything was forgotten and we just played about for hours… We had started off with me paddling, and G just sitting on the board. To be honest, she was a real pain! She was wriggling all over the place, trying to counterbalance me and completely failing, she couldn’t relax at all… I thought Kiwi’s were meant to be tough but turns out she was scared of getting wet!! Anyway, after we’d done a couple of laps of battle around the lake, I dropped her off at the floating dock and went to play on my own. I was practicing my strokes, trying some yoga, generally being an idiot and just asking to fall in! It was my failed attempt at a 360 that finally sent me off balance enough to land me in the sludgey reedy water…

Paddleboard Therapy!

Apparently this was hilarious and when G realized it wasn’t so bad after all, we managed to get her out on the SUP paddling ’round like a champ… Although she wasn’t stupid enough to try any yoga, the gentle pace just chilling at the lake, was enough to give her a good work-out and try something new… If you’re looking for a new sport to try this summer and you haven’t done it before, paddle-boarding is a super fun way to get some fresh air and exercise, enjoy the sunshine, and explore the beauty of where we live by a different means of transport! There are so many waterways around us, and travelling by water is such a beautifully serene and low impact way to do it… You can rent boards from FSS for a single day, or multi day and take off on a new adventure! All you need to do is pack your gear in a dry-bag and you can head off to a new place and camp out where it’ll be just you and your friends… and maybe a few unexpected local animals, but that is something this English girl is going to learn all about this summer….and hopefully live to tell the tale!!

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