I’ve been living here for 7 years and Revelstoke as never disappointed me so far. Every year is a new adventure with plenty of new zones to be discovered, it’s kind of endless!


It’s always hard to predict the season here because of the unpredictable weather rolling in and out of those 4 valleys that surrounded the town. For me, I’ve tried to play it day by day! Wake up in the morning, look through the window, avalanche conditions, forecast and than decide what kind of riding I’ll do that day.


On a good day, we will get out the backcountry and on a bad one, l’ll get the winch out and hit the street. Doing one of the other options will put a smile on my face because my snowboard is strapped on my feet and I’m ready to shred creativity!


I’m gladly representing the Free Spirit Sports shop for the 3rd season, the shop has to offer so much for your outdoor needs. Elmer and Liz (owners) have been working hard on getting a team together, helping us representing brands that we love. The shop offers quality gear, outfits and friendly service, on a daily basis!

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