Bryn grew up in the interior of Beautiful British Columbia, so that means snow, and lots of it! Bryn has been snowboarding since he could strap a pair of Sorels into a Canadian Tire board.
Moving to Revelstoke after University at the age of 19, Bryn was immediately immersed in the love of the mountains. Quickly learning that the most important thing was to have fun, and be yourself. Finding his home amongst a group of the “funnest” and most solid riders he’d ever met, Pow Town Productions, Bryn began to study the art of Snowboarding. He helped form a non-profit society in Revelstoke, called The Revelstoke Snowboard Association, pushing the need to just enjoy yourself in the mountains, and not to take things too seriously.
Earning his name, “Brynja”, from a very special friend, by always wearing a solid black North Face One Piece Gore-Tex suit and ripping solo under the chair getting everyone amped to ride. Totally scoring a spot from a local shop, Free Spirit Sports, to snowboard as a sponsored rider, was a culmination of everything he had ever wished. But always wants you to remember whenever, and whatever, you’re doing in the mountains, be Yourself. γνῶθι σεαυτόν.

3 thoughts on “FSS Team Rider: Bryn Clingwall (Brynja)

  1. Yehhhhhha Brynnnn!!! I was hitting the pic hoping for a vid to watch you SHRED! …videos of the brynja in action please!!! ????

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