FSS Sponsored skier Rylan Kappler showing his stuff at Revelstoke Mountain Resort

You’ll be seeing more blogs from the FSS sponsored crew, here’s their first from Rylan. Last week they all decided it would be cool to meet and get to know each other a bit more over a few runs at Revelstoke Mountain Resort. Apparently they like being together so much, they decided to do it again soon, so keep an eye out for the next group blog.
Here’s Rylan’s take on the morning.

After a quick solo breakfast lap down Door Two off the North Face of Mount Mackenzie last Sunday, I met up with the Free Spirit Sports Pro team for a day of fun in the sun. The team, (Eric Gurley, Alex Bell Jean-Guy Michaud, Genevieve King, and Danny Leblanc) had a great time together despite a bummed knee and the icy hard-pack groomers. Danny had his camera out getting some shots of the team having a good time in the sun doing what we do best, getting that sweet gog tan and doing some kicking turns and jumps! Till next time happy turns and keep praying for that powder we all miss.

Next blog, Genevieve will be sporting some pretty sweet gear and telling you all ’bout it, something to do with Spark I believe….

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