FSS Team Pic (L-R): Jean-Guy Michaud, Eric Gurley, Alex Bell, Danny LeBlanc, Rylan Kappler, Genevieve King

Here’s what we found out about them; they all rock, they all love doing what they do, are committed to Free Spirit Sports and have their own individual dreams and aspirations. Read on…

Eric Gurley: (Snowboarder)

Eric has worked with us at the shop for nearly 3 & half years now, is 27 and was born and raised in Revy. The reason he is still here? to quote “my friends & family live here and obviously the endless amount of outdoor activities Revelstoke has to offer”.  Time off means shredding on the hill, skateboarding or fishing. Ambitions? Finding even more awesome local stashes & meeting new people.

Danny LeBlanc: (Snowboarder)

Quote Danny “I grew up in the flatlands of Regina, Saskatchewan” which for some strange reason makes people smile, especially when you see pictures of Danny doing his favourite thing “flying through the air in the backcountry & landing in deep pow!” When he’s not in front of the camera, he’s quite often behind it, shooting pics or video, or getting some downtime skateboarding, kayaking, rock climbing or mountain biking.

Genevieve King: (Snowboarder)

Also known as “G” to friends, she grew up on a high country farm in New Zealand which planted the love for mountains in her soul. A natural move was to ski patrol for a few years, then as she puts it “grow up and get and get a real job”. But the lure of travel and snowboarding was too much, so it was off to Europe to compete in competitions, then to Revy, which she loves! Watch out for G as she’s a keener on the competition circuit!

Rylan Kappler: (Skier)

A face many in Revelstoke know as he was raised here, Rylan has been in the outdoors “since day one, whether on skis or on a bike” as he puts it. Many know him for his amazing ability to kill mogels and doddle through terrain which would scare the pants off most of us. Work life puts him on the end of a tool belt, working towards his journeyman carpentry certificate. Big ambition? To get a cover shot for skiing or biking. Biggest accomplishment? 2013 North Face Young Gun Award at the Free Ski World Tour Event in Revelstoke. At age 22 Rylan has done a lot…watch this space!

Jean-Guy Michaud: (Snowboarder)

During his teen years Jean-Guy made a great choice to pursue snowboarding. Not too long after this he made another really great choice: to become an electrician.  Currently this means shredding to his heart’s content without worrying about paying the rent. Dreams of deeper powder brought him to Revelstoke five years ago, where he is more than proving himself in backcountry and frontcountry arenas.  JGM can’t get enough of that white stuff, jibbing, jumping, getting face shots; and is super keen on catching it all on film and sharing it with you all!

Alex Bell: (skier)

Our youngest team member at 16, Alex has been skiing for 13 years. Yep, that meant he was 3 when he started. Perhaps not super unusual in a mountain town like Revelstoke. But what is apparent is his incredible passion, connection and enthusiasm for his sport for someone his age. “I love the feeling of snow in my face, nothing compares!” words from his own mouth sums up Alex’s ambition of one day turning pro in the sport.

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