Well here they are, our 2014 summer Free Spirit sponsored athletes! The ones we thought would give you the most most fun times and informative info through their adventures, stories, photos and video snippets over the summer.

You’ll have heard from most of them already through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other means.
We forced them to sit down, drink beer and open up a bit more:

Jude Westoby

Jude 1copy

“I’m from Dorset on the south coast of England. Having grown up by the ocean, water sports have always been a big part of my life and as such have found a massive love for stand-up paddle boarding! A life of travel away from the ocean has meant that I’ve left my webbed toes on dry land and also love to climb, hike and bike. I also love to camp whether it’s a random one nighter or a 3 week expedition, I’m about to learn the challenges of the Canadian wilderness this summer though, I’m not in Kansas anymore, and there are more than just the common badger in these woods!”

Rylan Kappler

Rylan Kappler Skier Jan2014 (480x640)

“Raised in Revy play bikes in the summer and on skis in the winter. I love Revelstoke because there is so much to do in every season, never bored in a town like this….”

Angeline Huson

BC Bike Race 2013  (1)

“I am from a little Finish Island called Sointula it is located off of the North end of Vancouver Island. The population is 800… reaaallly small! I grew up on a remote island on the coast, so it kind of makes sense why I love the outdoors as much as I do.

My passions and interests… anything outdoorsy really, but snowboarding & biking are probably at the top of the list. I also do a bit of photography, portraits and weddings etc.

I have been in Revelstoke for 11 months now and I have loved every minute of it. I came for the winter, but I’m stoked on all of the activities summer has to offer and I am super excited to be a part of the Free Spirit Sport’s team!”

Charles Morin


Charles, also known as Chuck to those close to him is our super social mountain adventurer. “My family owned a hotel back east for many years so i grew meeting many different types of people from all over the place”. Lots to do back east, but the mountain beauty and challenges drew him to the Monashees and Selkirks.
“Lots of plans for backcountry trips this summer, gear testing, paddleboarding…you name it, can’t wait to get out there..!”

Eric Gurley


“This summer I’m most excited about hiking Mt Begbie again and also doing Mt Cartier” (probably because Eric just got himself a SuperMega Ultra Light tent from Mountain Hardwear!). Summer evenings, Eric is either skateboarding or fishing..and now is getting into frisbee golf and trying out all the types of discs we have!

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