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Whatever your scene, whether it's hanging at the skate park, packing your infant on the trails, hiking a mountain or shredding down one, we've got what you need and the knowledge you're looking for. From avalanche safety gear to backpacks for babies, FSS has got it in here, to get you out there.

The original outdoor equipment store in Revy, FSS has been here so long that we know more about where to go, what to do, how to get there and what you'll need, than anyone else. We should, we've been doing it for 20 years. Our passion is outfitting individuals and families so they can get the most in the outdoors.

9:00 am Easter Brunch Buffet
Easter Brunch Buffet
Apr 19 @ 9:00 am – 1:00 pm
We’re offering a delicious family lunch buffet this Easter, April 19-20 from 9am – 1pm at Rockford! Enjoy the best patio views in Revelstoke while [...]
9:00 am Easter Brunch Buffet
Easter Brunch Buffet
Apr 20 @ 9:00 am – 1:00 pm
We’re offering a delicious family lunch buffet this Easter, April 19-20 from 9am – 1pm at Rockford! Enjoy the best patio views in Revelstoke while [...]

We are a small team who have mostly been in Revelstoke for a pretty long time. Elmer, who started the store, has been in town since 1980. Eric our sales associate was born in Revelstoke & Elmer’s wife Liz moved from England to Canada in 2002, then to Revelstoke in 2003. Sarah, our store manager is the most recent ‘import’ who visited town 2 years ago and never left.


Elmer is the old guy who rules. Our original free spirit; he crewed on a Norwegian fishing boat, travelled the world, is a pilot of a 1966 Cessna 150, a long distance biker, and became a dad for the first time at 57! Committed to community and living life with an active family, he has a passion for helping parents and kids get the most from outdoor experiences. As a snowboarder and skier, kayaker and hiker, Elmer has extensive knowledge of brands and products, providing customers with the right selection for Revelstoke conditions.

Liz 1_trim3

Our expat from the UK had dreams of Wimbledon but settled for adventure in the mountains, growing a passion for mountaineering and rock climbing, skiing, rafting and hiking. Addicted to freedom, she would always rather be outside.

After Elmer sold Liz her first snowboard, she married him and has become the maestro behind the scenes who makes S%#T happen. Liz and Elmer are committed to life as active parents and to providing great gear for children and active families.


Sam is our tiniest but toughest product tester. He’s been on the open road in one form or another since 5 months old, securing many miles under his belt at the tender age of 3. Admired for his prowess in the playground, Sam is a lover of the outdoors who would rather sleep in a tent than a crib any day. Great company around the campfire, he enjoys a straight shot of warm milk before climbing into his sleeping bag. His fav pastimes include climbing, snowshoeing, skiing and hiking and can often be heard saying: “Go faster Mama!”


Born and bred in Revy, Eric was fed raw jalapenos as a child, which may explain why he moves so fast, everywhere, all the time. For Eric, the outdoors is just a way of life. An avid skater and snowboarder, he has 2 fake front teeth, makes movies, is a drummer and jumps off cliffs for kicks. He also has locals-only knowledge about sweet powder stashes. Can be bribed with jalapenos…

IMG_0376 (800x659)

Our import from back east, Sarah is more likely to greet you with a ‘Bonjour’ than a ‘Hello’. Having grown up in a small French community near Ottawa, she is as comfortable nattering away in French as she is in English.But the lure of the mountains brought her West to her dream snowboarding and hiking terrain. In fact she’s a closet gear nut. Ask her anything about boarding or outdoor gear and she’ll be able to tell you in two languages.
When not managing the store you can find Sarah swilling coffee by the campfire, or shreddin’ it up in Revy’s backyard!

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